Pulastic Flooring 

Pulastic GT 100  

The Pulastic GT 100 is specially designed for wellness and fitness activities that require high impact resistance, comfort and safety for training.

Pulastic GT 100 Pulastic Flooring

  • Seamless, non-porous surface
  • High impact resistance, extremely suitable for free weight areas
  • Easily repaired and the ability to be resurfaced
  • Contains recycled content and renewable raw materials
  • Water based finish virtually eliminating VOC content
  • Outstanding mechanical strength and outstanding wear resistance for minimum life-cycle cost and maximum usability
  • Outstanding mechanical strength and wear resistance for minimum life cycle cost
  • Wide color selection
  • Pulastic GT 100 is perfect for High Impact Resistant applications including; Multi-Purpose, Wellness Centers, Fitness/ Weight Room, and Training Facilities

Technical Data

      • 10  mm
      • Point Elastic
      • F.I.V.B. (International Volleyball Federation), F.I.B.A (International Basketball Federation) and I.H.F. (International Handball Federation) approved
      • ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / CSR Level 3 (ISO 26000)