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Pulastic Resurfacing 

Centaur Products is the leading industry provider of Pulastic FL resurfacing systems for existing polyurethane floors.

PulasticFL offers options for rehabilitating, restoring, renovating, and enhancing existing Pulastic floors, and offers enhancement options for other non-Pulastic resilient and full-depth polyurethane floors.

Pulastic FL products are sold in 16 standardized classic color variations.

Custom color options are available.

Benefits of choosing a Pulastic FL system include:

 Low odor during renovation due to water-based finish

 Maximum indoor clean air protection during use

 Maintained color stability

 Strengthened wear resistance for optimal life cycle cost and maximum usability

 Improved friction characteristics

 Easily updatable colors and graphics to matchfacility preferences

PulasticⓇ FL Facelift

Designed exclusively for existing PulasticⓇ floors, to enhance and restore them to their original beauty while extending their life cycle.

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PulasticⓇ FL-E Enhanced

Utilizing the GM2500 compound, this enhancement system for resurfacing existing full depth and resilient polyurethane floors provides stronger, better-looking surfaces that possess the proper friction characteristics of standard PulasticⓇ floors.

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PulasticⓇ FL-R Restore

Affordable process designed exclusively for existing PulasticⓇ floors to resurface and fully restore them to their original condition.

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