Pulastic Flooring
Synthetic Sports Flooring

PulasticⓇ Flooring

Centaur Products is proud to partner with Pulastic and offer an extraordinary range of top-quality indoor and outdoor seamless synthetic multipurpose and specialty sports floor systems, which are favored by athletes around the world.

Designed with expertise, skills, and practical experience to meet stringent quality standards and outperform all other floors, Pulastic® sports floors are durable, verstatile, and sustainable.

These high-performance floors offer comfort and safety in competition, intramural, and amateur sports, as well as general fitness and child care, and have been installed in over 50,000 accommodations worldwide since 1965.

PulasticⓇ Classic 110

The durable, long-lasting customer favorite, ideal for large facilities that require affordable multi-purpose sports flooring, featuring excellent acoustics and sound absorption.

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PulasticⓇ Classic 90

Combining quality and affordability in a seamless multi-purpose sports floor to provide comfort and safety for all levels of competition and use.

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PulasticⓇ Pro 180 Comfort

The high-end sports flooring system that provides outstanding resiliency for multi-function activities, featuring a seamless, smooth surface for easy maintenance and repair.

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PulasticⓇ Pro 110 Comfort

The high-end sports flooring system that provides unmatched comfort and injury prevention, featuring a seamless, smooth surface for easy maintenance and repair.

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PulasticⓇ GT 100

The high impact-resistant flooring system specially designed for wellness and fitness activities, providing comfort and safety for training, with outstanding mechanical strength.

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PulasticⓇ Pro 165

The multi-purpose sports floor with extra comfort to provide competition level strength and performance, featuring a thicker pad for excellent contact noise reduction and thermal insulation.

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PulasticⓇ Comfort Court 50

The high-performing outdoor sports court that brings comfort and safety to outdoor activities, featuring a 3 mm pad for an added layer of resiliency to protect athletes and players.

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PulasticⓇ JV JOG/S

The exceptional point elastic customized system with an added layer of structured resin, providing excellent friction and surface stability, while eliminating surface seams for hygienic efficiency.

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PulasticⓇ JV

The exceptionally soft, enhanced point elastic, highly-shock absorbing multi-purpose surface.

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