Floor Covers

SignaRoadⓇ Portable Roadways & Platforms

Create instant portable roadways for vehicles, temporary access roads, parking lots, and staging areas during special events and event construction quickly and easily with SignaRoad®, which was specifically engineered to support the rigorous traffic associated with exhibit set up, exhibitor vehicles, and heavy displays. From large forklifts to 18-wheel trucks to heavy staging to generators, SignaRoad® supports the heavy weights associated with concert move-ins, large scale event productions, and stadium construction.

The heavy-duty composite mats lock together to form a uniform, flat and stable-non-shifting platform and are designed to support extremely heavy loads up 400 psi / 57,600 lb. per sq. ft. Fast installation and dismantle times, easy clean-up, and a durability that ensures repeated reuse for many years will guarantee SignaRoad® is a significant return on investment.

Features & Benefits

  • Innovative engineering for large scale events and ground protection
  • Lock and Go connection system
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Better than plywood


  • Easy installation
  • Overlapping flanges on both sides allow mats to connect to adjacent panels
  • Solid HDPE flanges for added durability, rigidity, and strength
  • Heavy radius design, providing additional strength and shear resistance


  • Actual Module Size: 6.83' x 10' x 2.5" (2.08 m x 3 m x 6.35 cm)
  • Useable Platform: 6.17' x 9.3' x 2.5" (1.88 m x 2.84 m x 6.35 cm)
  • Useable Roadway: 6.17' x 10' x 2.5" (1.88 m x 3 m x 6.35 cm)
  • Weight: 432 lb. (196 kg)
  • Weight Load: 400 PSI
  • Shipping: 90 mats per standard 40' container or 53' truck