Floor Covers

Covermaster Ultima 4000

A heavyweight, diamond tread-plate pattern, slip resistant cover

Product Information

  • Diamond tread-plate pattern, anti-slip top surface
  • Can be used either side up
  • Designed for high frequency use
  • Suitable for any event
  • In single or dual color combinations
  • ADA compliant, anti-slip friction co-efficient rating of 0.61

This cover will guard against the rigors of heavy traffic events. Tables, chairs, even stage & sound setups are a matter of course. The desert sand side, with its anti-slip, diamond tread-plate pattern, is best for graduations and commencements, when decor is more important. The darker side is ideal for dances and concerts.

Material Properties

Surface Finish: Safety diamond tread plate pattern
Fabric Core: Single layer, woven polyester
Filament size: 1500 denier
Core weight: 5.30 oz/sq.yd.
Weave Count: 19 x 19
Coating: P.V.C., knife coated process, not extrusion coated or laminate process
Total Cover Thickness: 34 mils
Total cover weight: Not less than 26oz/sq.yd.

Mechanical Properties

Slip-resistant surface* ADA compliant: 0.61 co-efficient of friction
Tensile strength: 440 lbs.
Tear Strength: 120 lbs.
Adhesion: 35 lbs./inch
Hydrostatic resistance: 430 lbs./inch
Fire resistance*:
Material must meet these 5 fire resistant standards
  • California Fire Marshall
  • Underwriter Fire Protection Test
  • National Fire Protection Association
  • Connecticut Fire Marshall Class 1 Rating
  • State of New York Class A rating

Material* to be Cover-Gard treated to resist odors and germs. Material to be rot and mildew resistant.


Material should be in sections 10 ft. wide. All seams thermally welded with a minimum 1" lap weld.


13 year warranty