Divider Curtain

Centre Roll

The Centre Roll is the most effective and popular on the market today. The integrated drive system, positioned at the center line, retracts the divided panels simultaneously thus eliminating the high stress areas associated with cable lifts. Even more significant, this unique retractable system has an extremely fast lifting speed. The typical 28 ft high Center Roll will retract in 60 seconds. 

Centre Roll Divider Curtain

  • No support bearings required as in other roll up systems;
  • Double speed as top and bottom roll up simultaneously;
  • Motor can be easily serviced, no scaffolding required;
  • No stress points on the vinyl;
  • Trouble free installation;
  • High clearance lift, within 254 mm (10 in.) from top of curtain and 406 mm (16 in.) from top of structure;
  • Divider can be reversed at any point of travel or left at any height for convenience of multiple levels of partitioning;
  • Smooth continuous vinyl panel is especially suited to digital graphics.
  • Despite the many design attributes of the QUED brand Center Roll, this curtain is affordable, coming in as comparable in price to most single wall models on the market.