Breakaway Rims

2000+: Collegiate Breakaway Goal

2000+ Collegiate Breakaway Goal is the most universally recognized and utilized goal in high school, university and recreational gyms.

  • Positive lock pressure setting allows precise fly-back action
  • Full steel wing brace design and continuous no-tie ring provides optimal rim strength
  • Goal is powder-coated to protect from environmental elements
  • Front mount 5/8" x 18" single rim
  • Universal back plate accommodates 42" and 48" rectangular and fan-shaped backboards
  • Includes GAW and mounting hardware
  • Recommended Backboards: Competition glass
  • Meets NCAA, NFHS & NAIA specifications
  • Adjustable positive lock mechanism complies with NCAA rim elasticity rule
  • For indoor use

Item Includes

  • GAW anti-whip net
  • 4 Year Limited Warranty
  • 4" x 5" Hole Spacing