Spectator Seating

Theatre Seating Restoration & Replacement

Let Centaur put your venue back into the spotlight, so that you can be center stage again.

Centaur Products plays a key role in the planning, budgeting, and consulting processes of theatre construction projects through our well-established relationships with reputable industry professionals and performing arts representatives. In addition to offering a wide variety of brand new auditorium and theatre seating installation options, we ambitiously offer total removal, renovation, restoration, and replacement services for theatre seating to completely refurbish your theatre.


No more bad chair days with Centaur's seating resoration services.

Seating restoration can revive nostalgic appeal or breathe new life into your theatre. In addition to fixing cosmetic issues like worn fabric or scuffed wood, we replace seat-lift mechanisms, deteriorated foam, and chair backs that are too damaged to restore, while altering existing components to work with new ones.