Outdoor Fixed Seating


Experience premium comfort.

Centurion chairs are used in some of North America's most famous sports venues, like Yankee Stadium and Lucas Oil Stadium.

They are available with a non-upholstered polymer back and seat for use with the No. 45 cast iron chair platform, or on the No. 202 cast iron chair platform with the No. 12 seat – a configuration that offers club and suite level ticket holders a more comfortable experience.

Upholstered pads are also available, and the No. 12 seat can also be used with the Centurion for premium seating areas.

Aisle end standards can be provided with 5 1/4" screen printed logo plates or integral cast logos.


  • No. 130 – blow-molded seat back
  • No. 45 – blow-molded seat with torsion spring seat lift mechanism
  • No. 35 – end with screen printed logo plate
  • No. 35 – cast iron riser mounted platform
  • Finish: Powder coat and plastic options


  • Seat number and row letter plates
  • ADA flip-up ends
  • Armrest and cupholder attachments
  • Rear-mounted cupholder

Color Examples

Black – 28

Grey – 39

Cardinal Red – 100

Hunter Green – 108

Galaxy Blue – 211