Indoor Platform Seating

Stackable Riser Seating (SRS)

Product Information

SRS units are forklift portable units moved in and out as facility needs dictate.These units are typically used in front of the dasher board and are supplied with the same backs and seats as the fixed and nose-mount seating for a premium seat at court level. when stored, units can be stacked three high to save floor space.


Row Spacing: 33"- 36"
Row Rise: 4"- 16"
Number of Rows: As required, in up to 3 row increments
Seating Width: 36"-96"
Other Options:
  • Units can be stacked 3 high to reduce storage space
Back Options:
  • No. 51 Marquee back
  • No. 47 Millennium back
  • No. 4 Citation back
  • No. 30 Patriot back
  • No. 130 Centurion back
Seat Options:
  • No. 12 upholstered seat
  • No. 12 seat with upholstered insert
  • No. 45 blow-molded seat


  • Seat numbers and row letters




28 Black

39 Grey

86 Mauve Brown

104 Veiled Brown

108 Hunter Green

110 Burgundy

111 Sand

211 Galaxy Blue

Powder Coat

28 Black

Panelam Decking

37 Grey

21 Beige