Spectator Seating

Portable Seats

Portable seats for player seating, floor seating, VIP areas and any other application where quality portable seating is needed. Available with custom logo and colour designs to match your team or facility.

Arcbac Series

The star of this series is the Super Chair, designed for the real VIP’S, the players and coaches. The added height, wider stance, seat and back contribute to the comfort, and make it perfectly suited for those with great stature. Seat cushions feature tuck and roll finish with no staples, only stitches. The stitches are tufted beneath to maintain the exquisitely clean lines.

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Platinum Series

The ultimate in portable seating comfort for the sections that host your most distinguished guests. These are the same logo seats used by the NCAA men's and women's final four and NBA facilities.

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Gold Series

Ideal for preferred sections in any venue/event configuration. Provides high standards of comfort and safety. It features comfortable 3" seat cushions, an independent flip-up seat, and can be modified to meet most any seating applications.

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Diamond Series

Your first choice for special portable seating applications requiring optimal comfort. This popular logo chair is used for speacial team benches, locker rooms, and fundraising opportunities.

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Arena Series

Seating for arenas and venues where budget minded complete portable seating systems are required. The AS 100 features a 1.5" seat cushion with an independent flip-up seat for safe and easy entry and exit.

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Convention Series

The most economical multi-purpose portable seating system available. It features a 1.5" seat cushion, and folds compactly maximizing storage capacity.

The CS 100 is a favorite for logo chairs at schools with limited budgets.

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