Spectator Seating


Centaur Products has been providing spectator seating solutions for over 30 years. We have installed everything from grandstand seating through to telescopic bleachers in a variety of venues, ranging from gymnasiums, auditoriums, arenas, stadiums, theaters and lecture halls.

Centaur represents the world’s leader in seating, Irwin Seating Company, the world's leading manufacturer of public seating for sports arenas, gymnasiums, auditoriums, movie theatres, performing arts centres and convention centres.

Services for fully restoring and replacing auditorium and theatre seating are also available.

Stadium & Arena Seating

A variety of indoor and outdoor fixed seating options as well as retractable indoor fixed seating options.

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Gymnasium Bleacher Seating

Telescopic bleachers platforms with a variety of bench and chair seating options.

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Grandstand Seating

Outdoor grandstand seating for football and soccer fields, baseball diamonds college and university campuses, school districts, rodeo arenas, fairgrounds and many other facilities.

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Auditorium & Theatre Seating

A wide range of seating options ideally suited to concert halls, auditoriums, performing arts centres, and theatres.

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Lecture Room Seating

Lecture room seating products for college, university and high-school lecture halls. Are designed to facilitate access and direct focus for student achievement.

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Place of Worship Seating

Places of worship seating options.

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Aluminum Seating

Great for multipurpose use at schools, parks and other small-scale outdoor seating applications.

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Tip N' Roll Bleachers

Very easy to transport, the Tip N' Roll bleacher is the ideal auxiliary seating solution for both indoor and outdoor settings.

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Portable Seats

Portable seats for player seating, floor seating, VIP areas, and any other application where quality portable seating is needed, available with custom logo and color designs to match your team or facility.

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Theatre Seating Restoration & Replacement

Total removal, renovation, restoration, and replacement services for auditorium and theatre seating to completely refurbish your theatre.

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