Gymnasium Seating

Concrete Riser Seating

Product Information

Plastic seat modules and wood bleachers can be mounted to concrete risers for additional comfort.


  • available with plastic seat modules or wood benches
  • can be tread or riser mounted
  • adaptable to various riser heights


  • plastic seat module mounted to concrete risers
  • steel support structure anchored to concrete


  • row letter and seat number identification
  • folding back support (plastic)
  • folding backrest (wood)


Telescopic Plastic

13 Orange

24 Beige

28 Black

39 Grey

44 Brown

65 Purple

66 Green

71 Light Blue

83 Gold

100 Cardinal Red

101 True Blue

108 Hunter Green

110 Burgundy

130 White

211 Galaxy Blue

Telescopic Powder Coat

28 Black