Gymnasium Bleacher Seating

VersaTract Telescopic Bleachers

The most versatile retractable seating system available.

As the most innovative seating system, VersaTract Telescopic Bleachers conveniently retract and extend by way of a handheld electric control switch, saving space and providing storage options.

VersaTract Telescopic Bleachers are ideal for a range of uses and facilities, as they also provide incredibly stable walking surfaces and unmatched reliability.

Constructed with a superior design supported by quality materials and composition, VersaTract Telescopic Bleachers utilize IDS power for optimum performance.

VersaTract Telescopic Bleachers come equipped with Smart Rails, which take spectator safety to a whole new level by ensuring aisle rails are solidly in place and ready for use at all times.

With multiple deck options, VersaTract Telescopic Bleachers are ideal for wall-attached, floor-attached, forward fold, portable, and recessed systems.

VersaTract Telescopic Bleachers are available for systems with 3 to 30 rows, can accommodate 4" to 24" rises, and are ideal for use on systems with 22" - 42" row spacing.

They are fully compatible with a selection of appropriate chair options, including Integra, Solara, and Patriot seating.