Spectator Seating

Gymnasium Bleacher Seating

Gymnasiums are a critical component of any well-rounded educational facility that shouldn't be overlooked, and no other company provides the array of quality seating options that Centaur does.

From retractable, telescopic platforms to fixed stadium-style seating, we have the knowledge, expertise, and understanding, backed by breadth of product to, outfit any gymnasium effectively.

Telescopic Bleachers

The most versatile retractable seating system available, saving space and providing storage options.

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Chair Options for Telescopic Bleachers

A selection of chair options, specifically designed for compatibility with telescopic bleacher seating systems in gymnasiums.

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Wood Bleacher Seating

The traditional bleacher system for that classic look and feel, providing both nostalgia and durability.

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Telescopic Risers

A selection of configurations and options, both for use as is and to be supplemented with folding chairs.

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