Sound Equipment

Sportsound 1500HD Sound System

The Sportsound 1500HD sound system has a single cabinet design that mounts in one location. It is very similar to the Sportsound 500HD However, it has greater capabilities, broader coverage pattern, and a higher decibel rating. 

Sportsound 1500HD Sound System Sound Equipment
  • Fully-contained, self-powered system
  • CobraNet® communication between announcer’s rack and control enclosure via a multimode fiber optic cable
  • 20bit/48K digital audio with analog backup
  • Engineered waveguides and high frequency lenses
  • Mid and high frequency speakers adjust 15 degrees down in 2.5 degree increments
  • On-board digital signal processing (DSP) with low signal latency
  • On-board system diagnostics
  • Global power configurations
  • Rated to withstand hurricane force winds up to 86 psf
  • Full-color-printable front mesh with UV protection
  • Compatible with any Daktronics audio control system