6' - 14' Soccer Scoreboards



Model: SO-918
Information Displayed: HOME and GUEST scores, HALF and 4-digit clock
Dimensions: H=4'-0" W=12'-0" D=0'-6"
Controllers: All Sport 5000
RC-100 (optional)
Digit Size: 18"
Construction: Aluminum
Scoring Capabilities: Soccer, Baseball, Football, Field Hockey, Lacrosse


Radio Control

Daktronics Radio Control allows operators to run scoreboards without signal junction boxes.

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Decorative Accents

Use Daktronics decorative accent truss and piping to customize your indoor scoreboards.

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Logo/Sponsor Panels

Daktronics logo/sponsor panels are digitally printed on flexible, weatherproof vinyl or cut from solid colored vinyl.

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Upgrade your outdoor scoreboard with an optional Daktronics trumpet horn. This accessory audibly signals important game events.

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