Four-Sided Basketball Scoreboards


Tuff Sport Specifications

Tuff Sport Specifications
Model: BB-2124
Digit Technology: UniView or PanaView digit technology
Information Displayed: HOME and GUEST scores, PERIOD, FOULS, PLYER, FOUL, PTS, T.O.L., Bonus indicators and 4-digit clock
Dimensions: H=6'-0" W=12'-10" D=12'-10"
Controllers: All Sport 5000
Digit Size: 13", 10", 7"
Construction: Aluminum
Scoring Capabilities: Basketball, Football, Handball, Hockey, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball, Wrestling


Team Name Message Center

Daktronics Team Name Message Center (TNMC) displays feature cost efficient LED technology. TNMCs allow the most customization for multi-use facilities.

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Radio Control

Daktronics Radio Control allows operators to run scoreboards without signal junction boxes.

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Logo/Sponsor Panels

Daktronics logo/sponsor panels are digitally printed on flexible, weatherproof vinyl or cut from solid colored vinyl.

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