Galaxy® Message Displays

6mm Indoor Full-color Message Displays

Reliable, Sharp Performance to Help Travelers Make Connections

With cutting-edge features such as extra-high resolution and the ability to organize information into windows from multiple types of content sources, our indoor full-color message display is one of the most versatile displays in the industry.

A variety of controller options allows affordable performance for any indoor application. Depending on your facility's needs, this product can integrate with flight information display systems (FIDS), run content from a PC or stream video from VGA or DVI. Make customers feel welcome by showing time-sensitive slideshows, displaying logos and way finding information and presenting travel data in multiple languages.


Scalable Design: This product is available in many configurations, from about 2 by 6 feet to about 10 by 10 feet. Contact Daktronics for more information on size options.
Display Capabilities: With multiple controller options, the indoor full-color message display can show many types of content - FIDS integration, text, full-color graphics and VGA/ DVI broadcasts.
Content Windowing: Digital content can be "windowed" with multiple panes of content-text, full-color graphics, or video.
Perfect for Placement in High Ambient Light Areas: With 64 power-saving dimming levels and a maximum brightness of 1,700 cd/m2, this display is highly visible in areas lit in any manner.
Viewing Angle: A wide 140x140-degree viewing angle provides many application options in many locations.


Pixel Spacing: 6 mm (0.24")
Viewing Angle: 140° horizontal x 140° vertical
Controller Options: M3, M4, V-Link® 1500 video interface, Venus® 7000 controller
Video Options: VGA, SVGA, XVGA, DVI
(With video-capable controller)
Color Capability: Up to 4.4 trillion colors
Brightness: 1,700 nits (cd/m2)
Display Cabinet: Display cabinet sizes vary.
Contact Daktronics for more information.
Power: 120/240 VAC
Operating Temperature: 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)
Lighting Element Lifetime: 100,000 hours


Software: Contact Daktronics for more information.
Tel: 888-325-8726
Hardware: M3, M4, V-Link® 1500 video interface, or Venus® 7000 controller, Ethernet port, RS422 port