Galaxy® Message Displays

8mm Indoor Tri-color Message Display

Red, Amber, and Green to Get People Going

Displaying text in three easy-to-understand colors adds another dimension of effectiveness to your messages. The AE-3010 offers a midpoint between monochrome and full-color options by clearly conveying affirmative, negative or neutral messages such as "go," "stop" or "flight on-time."


Service Access: Front access for easy maintenance and access in millwork and structures.
Color Capability: Monolithic block contain tri-color (red, green, amber) LEDs for messages and graphics in three bright colors.
Viewing Angle: 140° horizontal x 140° vertical for placement almost anywhere.
Contrast Enhancement: Polycarbonate face improves contrast in brightly lit areas and protects the LEDs.


Character Height: 2.1" (7 pixel font)
Pixel Spacing: 8 mm (0.3") center-to-center
Color Capability: Red, Green and Amber
LEDs per Pixel: Monolithic block
Estimated LED Lifetime: 100,000+ hours
Viewing Angle: 140° horizontal x 140° vertical
Compliance Information: ETL Listed


Software: Venus® 1500 or use the Venus® 1500 protocol (SDK) to integrate with existing software Visit the message center Software and Controllers web page to learn more about the software control options.
Hardware: Communication methods: RS232, RS422 and Ethernet (wired or fiber)