Is Your Performing Arts Facility at Its Peak Performance?

May 10, 2019

Don't wait in the wings any longer – Centaur Products has everything you need to breathe new life into your performing arts facility.

Dance Floors

Centaur's dance floors are a tough act to follow.

Stuck in the same old dance routine with a subpar subfloor?

Find out what's keeping Centaur's competitors on their toes and get into a new groove with our line of high-quality, durable, slip-resistant, laminated wood sprung dance floors, designed to take your performance to the next level.

Constructed from solid northern hard maple for added strength, with a sprung subfloor to eliminate excessive rebound, our dance floors increase flexibility, soften landing, maximize comfort, and reduce dancer fatigue.

Centaur has options to meet the needs of all dancers and styles, including the sound-absorbing
Pro Tap, the continuous Le Lena A, the triple-layer Le Lena B, the enhanced Elan Basketweave, and patented premium Danzaire® floors for ultimate force reduction and excellent vertical deflection.

Maple parquet flooring and seamless, heavy-duty vinyl flooring options are also available.

Stage Flooring

Centaur is raising the curtain and upstaging the competition.

Don't conform when you perform – steal the show with Centaur's new superior stage flooring and transfigure your ordinary theatrical stage into a prestigious creative performing arts space.

An in-depth knowledge of advanced structural developments, craftsmanship, and expertise have always placed Centaur in the limelight.

Now, we've literally set the stage for innovation and expression, offering a variety of options, including sprung stage flooring specifically engineered to mitigate performer injuries.


Auditorium & Theatre Seating

The show must go on, so sit back and get comfortable.

A thrilling performance may keep you on the edge of your seat, but with Centaur's comfortable theatre seating, you'll want to remain right in it.

With an extensive line of auditorium and theatre seating options, Centaur Products is dedicated to equipping venues to best suit their needs, offering contemporary and historic fixed seating and unique, custom solutions, such as innovative retractable, VersaTract telescopic seating for multi-purpose spaces, and space configuration for unconventional set-ups, like black box theatres or thrust stages.

Fixed seating options are available in a variety of backs, seats, end panels, and armrests.

Telescopic seating features scalable understructure component options, a stable walking surface, 10-year warranty guaranteeing consistent, reliable operation, and can be provided with our unique air-lift portable system to allow for various space configurations.

Restoration, Renovation & Replacement

Defective dance floor? Flimsy flooring? Splintered stage?

Let Centaur put your venue back into the spotlight, so that you can be center stage again.

Centaur Products plays a key role in the planning, budgeting, and consulting processes of dance studio and theatre construction projects through our well-established relationships with reputable industry professionals and performing arts representatives. We ambitiously offer total removal, restoration, renovation, and replacement services for existing dance floors, stage flooring, and theatre seating to completely refurbish your theatre or studio.

No more bad chair days with Centaur's seating restoration services.

Seating restoration can revive nostalgic appeal or breathe new life into your theatre. In addition to fixing cosmetic issues like worn fabric or scuffed wood, we replace seat-lift mechanisms, deteriorated foam, and chair backs that are too damaged to restore, while altering existing components to work with new ones.
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