Brentwood College's Eldon and Anne Foote Athletic Centre

Oct 02, 2018
Brentwood College Gymnasium

Brentwood College is situated in Mill Bay, BC, on Vancouver Island. Centaur worked with the team at Brentwood to assist with the design and planning of the new sports facility. The main gymnasium consists of 21,500 sf of hardwood flooring, scoreboards, telescopic bleachers, divider curtains, basketball equipment as well as volleyball and badminton equipment. In addition to the main gym, Centaur also installed 10,000 sf of synthetic sports flooring in a custom black colour for weight lifting and fitness rooms. Centaur also supplied artificial turf for the fitness room and constructed squash courts for the building. The facility is now one of the best of any high school in Canada.

Brentwood College Pulastic Flooring

Brentwood College Bleachers

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