The Future of Artificial Turf has Arrived in Vancouver

Oct 04, 2011

BC Place Will Feature Polytan’s Ligaturf 240 RS+ Acs 70 With Brown Bionpro Infill

Among the many improvements and enhancements that will be featured in the newly renovated BC Place, the new Polytan artificial turf system will be one of the most significant. Currently being installed by Canadian Sport Contracting leader Centaur Products, the artificial turf, Polytan's LigaTurf 240 RS+ ACS70 with Brown BionPro Infill will feature the most cutting-edge and innovative artificial turf technology in the world today.

Developed and manufactured fully in-house by German-based manufacturer Polytan, the world leader in successful FIFA 2-Star fieldtested and FIFA 2-Star Re-tested fields, this new breed of artificial turf will feature advancements in safety, performance and durability that will truly provide a home field advantage for both the Vancouver Whitecaps and the BC Lions. The field has been designed to meet FIFA 2-Star certification which is FIFA's highest standard for an artificial turf field and signifies the field is capable of hosting FIFA final round competitions.

The new artificial turf will feature some sizeable improvements over previous artificial turf systems including the application of a unique 30mm Poly-Shock Pad that has been installed underneath the turf surface to enhance player safety, provide optimal cushioning and create natural ball movement along the surface. The Poly-Shock Pad is a seamless, rubberized material that is paved onto the concrete sub-floor with Polytan's specialized machinery and creates a perfectly level surface for the turf to rest on as well as ensures consistent cushioning and shock absorbtion all throughout the surface.

The turf layer consists of Polytan's top-of-the-line LigaTurf 240 RS+. The LigaTurf RS+ fibre contains a superior chemical composition, is exceptionally thick and strong, and is manufactured according to strict quality control measures to give the turf fibres an incredible ability to continually 'spring-back' to the standing position. This 'spring-back' technology which was developed by Polytan eliminates the problem of the turf matting which can create unsafe and poor quality game conditions for the athletes.

The turf will be filled with sand and Polytan's unique BionPro Infill. Gone will be the days of players rising from the turf covered with ugly black rubber pellets. Unlike traditional black tire rubber infill, Polytan's BionPro technology comes from a new generation of environmentally friendly polymers. It is 100% recyclable and produces very low emissions in comparison to other rubber infill materials. In addition BionPro infill is available in different colour options with BC Place selecting a natural brown shade to most closely resemble the look of a natural grass field.

The new turf will usher in a new era of Professional Sports in Vancouver with both the BC Lions and Vancouver Whitecaps playing on a truly world class surface.

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