Hardwood Sports Flooring

Stage Flooring

Better stages, because the show must go on.

Centaur Products is dedicated to providing high-quality stage floors that transfigure ordinary theatrical stages from humble platforms into prestigious spaces that serve the cultural appreciation of performing arts like dance and dramatic theatre.


Our advanced structural developments and craftsmanship range beyond the conventional stage, as we offer an exemplary variety, including sprung stage flooring and dance flooring specifically engineered to reduce performer injury.


We play a key role in the innovative planning and construction of these stage floors through well-established, trust-based relationships with reputable industry professionals and esteemed dance company representatives.


This direct involvement extends full-circle to ambitious projects handling the removal, restoration, renovation, and replacement of existing theatre stages.


Additionally, Centaur also offers a wide selection of theatre seating options to complete the elegant refurbishment of your theatre.