Sportwood® Ultra Star

Finally, a sports floor that's good for the environment and the athlete.

Solidly constructed from beautiful MFMA Parquet edge-grain northern hard maple with an adaptable, tunable resilient underlayment, Sportwood® Ultra Star is the most dimensionally stable product on the market, able to withstand even extreme moisture conditions.

The surface is adhered to multiple layers of stabilizing load-distribution subfloor, sitting atop a matrix of specicially-developed EPDM rubber Bio-Pads. These adjustable pads can be tuned to your specific desired level of shock absorption, making Sportwood® Ultra Star the safe and ideal choice for a wide variety of facilities, including aerobics centres, basketball and volleyball courts, and multipurpose rooms.

Proven Safety

Whether you need shock absorption security for aerobics, basketball, or other sports, or simply want a comfortable multi-use surface for cafeterias, auditoriums, or other facilities, Sportwood® Ultra Star has just the right of resiliency needed.

The load-distribution subfloor and resilient shock pads and load-distribution subfloor ensure a significantly lower chance of foot, leg, or back injuries.

Proven Performance

  • DIN Certified Performance
  • Edge grain maple for superior durability
  • Continuous subfloor supports heavy loads and equipment
  • Tunable resilience underlayment
  • Compatible with water-based gym finish

Fast Facts

  • Ideal for humid environments
  • Reacts less when exposed to excessive changes in environmental conditions
  • Customer favorite
  • Low profile floating design is economical and flexible for multi-use requirements
  • Comfort and resilience
  • Durable Edge-grain maple surface
  • Continuous subfloor offers excellent support for heavy loads and gym equipment

Height Options

  • 1 3/4" (with 7/16" flooring) / 44 mm (with 11 mm flooring)
  • 2" (with 7/16" flooring) / 51 mm (with 11 mm flooring)