Hardwood Sports Flooring


Sportwood® is a highly-durable, stable surface made from edge-grained cut northern hard maple, featuring a unique, square-edge design that, with proper maintenance, can last the life of the facility.

Well-suited for a variety of activities, from competitive team sports to dance and yoga to stage productions, you can count on Sportwood® in any situation where performance must be delivered economically.

Sportwood® has been a favorite of churches, YMCAs, schools, and recreation centres since 1982, with millions of square feet installed across North America.

Sportwood® Ultra Star

Solidly constructed from beautiful edge-grain northern hard maple and featuring an adaptable, tunable resilient underlayment, this is the most dimensionally stable maple parquet product on the market, able to withstand even extreme moisture conditions.

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Sportwood® Direct

Providing direct uniformity, comfort, safety, and performance in a versatile, economical sports floor.

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