Hardwood Flooring

Dance Floors 

Centaur Products Inc. carries a wide variety of dance floors that accommodate many different dance styles and facilities. 

Wood Sprung Flooring

The Wood Sprung flooring system provides the highest performance and quality possible in a dance floor in Canada.

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Pro Tap Wood

The Pro Tap is a high quality tap wood dance floor that is designed specifically for professional Canadian tap dancers.

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Le Lena B Wood

Le Lena B is a high quality wood sprung dance floor that is designed to fit the needs of Canadian dance studios.

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Le Lena A Wood

Le Lena A is a high quality continuous studio wood dance floor that is designed to accommodate many different styles of dance.

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Elan Basket Weave Wood

The Elan Basketweave is an enhanced version of the traditional “basket-weave” sprung dance floor that has been used by both professional and amateur dancers for decades.

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Batten Wood

The Batten Wood Floor is a unique wood dance floor. It was designed to combine the best features of a traditional sprung floor system together with a new and modern design to create a floor with dynamic performance.

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