Hardwood Sports Flooring

Dance Floors 

Centaur Products is proud to carry a wide variety of dance floors to accommodate many different dance styles and bring out the creative energy in your facility.

These premium dance floors are engineered to withstand regular wear, while maximizing comfort to reduce fatigue and protect dancers from injury.

Danzaire® Wood Sprung Floor

The premium sprung dance floor that maximizes performance, quality, and comfort while reducing dancer fatigue.

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Pro Tap Wood

The premium tap wood dance floor designed for tap dancing professionals, fine tuned for better sound absorption and quality.

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Le Lena A Wood

The premium-quality permanent studio dance floor that meets the needs of almost any dance style, with a sprung subfloor reducing vibration damping for excellent performance, designed to turn any studio into a multi-purpose space for stage equipment.

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Le Lena B Wood

The economical choice with the benefits of a permanent sprung dance floor without the high cost, featuring a triple-layer, resilient sprung subfloor and durable surface for added strength.

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Elan Basketweave Wood

Combining traditional elements and modern enhancements, featuring a unique dual pad basket-weave design for added vibration damping and shock absorption to increase comfort.

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Danzaire® Batten Wood

The unique, premium batten sprung dance floor design for dynamic vertical deflection and dancer performance.

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