Bio-Channel® Classic

Perform like a professional with a proven original.

As the proven choice for top performance facilities, Bio-Channel® Classic's installation list includes NBA and NCAA basketball courts and training centers, with professional basketball teams like the Los Angeles Lakers and the Washington Wizards having relied on Bio-Channel® Classic for years to provide solid gymnasium floors.


Bio-Channel® Classic holds up exceptionally well to player performance standards in large school arena environments while withstanding loading from stages or scissor lifts and is a great choice for renovation projects with concrete planarity problems. Regardless of the situation, Bio-Channel® Classic ensures performance and durability as the unparalleled solution to any flooring project.

Proven Safety

Combining the structural and dimensional stability of anchored flooring systems with the safety and comfort of resilient sports flooring,

Bio-Channel® Classic is outfitted with plywood sleepers on 7/16" Bio-Pads within a steel channel, anchored to the concrete floor. This ensures a uniform playing surface with the ideal amount of deflection and shock absorption.

Proven Performance

  • Excellent athletic performance
  • Superior dimensional stability
  • Continuous 3/4" subfloor
  • Lateral movement of subfloor
  • Shimmable for different slab depression heights or out-of-level slabs

Fast Facts

  • Heavy load support
  • Uneven slabs
  • Customer favorite
  • Comfort and resilience
  • Durable anchored construction means long lifespan and low life cycle costs
  • Only shimmable floor system available to counteract the effects of uneven slabs
  • Original design with superior safety and performance
  • Preferred choice by hundreds of top NBA and NCAA programs

Height Options

  • 3" (with 25/32" flooring) / 76 mm (with 20 mm flooring)
  • 3 1/4" (with 33/32" flooring) / 83 mm (with 26 mm flooring)

Areas of Use

  • NBA and NCAA training and competition
  • University recreation centres and gymnasiums
  • High school gymnasiums
  • Community recreation centres
  • Fitness centres
  • Private sports facilities