Hardwood Sports Flooring


Combining the benefits of durable anchored construction and resilient systems for the ultimate competition floor with exceptional shock absorption, ball bounce, vibration damping, and great load-bearing capacity.

With continuous subfloors to support heavy loads and gym equipment, Bio-Channel® flooring systems ensure long lifespan and low life cycle costs.

The best athletes know that Bio-Channel® produces winners, as Bio-Channel® systems have repeatedly proven their superior safety and performance in the NBA and the NCAA as the ultimate competition floor and a top choice among facilities.

Bio-ChannelⓇ Classic

The proven choice for performance basketball facilities, combining the structural and dimensional stability of anchored flooring systems with the safety and comfort of resilient sports flooring.

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Bio-ChannelⓇ Star

New and improved, redefining uniformity and performance, designed to meet all standards worldwide as a reliable, well-performing, competitive sports surface.

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Bio-Channel® SB

Utilizing the benefits of Zero/G® shock pad technology for excellent vibration control, and self-blocking for a durable, economic, high-performance flooring system that can hold up under pressure from heavy loads.

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