Hardwood Sports Flooring

All-Star™ Plus Portable

The preferred choice of top NBA and NCAA programs.

Experience and Reliability

An integral part of the basketball world for over 60 years, All-Star™ Plus Portable flooring systems are preferred by NBA teams, NCAA programs, and FIBA international championships, and relied on by facility managers for the most demanding arena environments. From NBA municipal arenas to local civic centers, All-Star™ Plus Portable is the time-tested flooring solution for any entertainment facility.


State of the Art Design

The All-Star™ Plus Portable is designed to meet a variety of requirements and increase the speed of changeovers for efficient and quick event transitions. All units are available sanded and fully customizable, painted, and finished to high standards using computer aided graphics and design for outstanding logos and vibrant team branding.


We Are Teammates

All-Star™ Plus Portable flooring systems are not just another hardwood floor – they are an extension of your team. Centaur Products strives to supply the best floor systems on the market. Beneath the surface of each shiny hardwood floor is a well-engineered subfloor consisting of the right amount of mechanical features that are critical in in the longterm health of athletes, providing protection that has a significant impact on joints, muscles, and player endurance.

Fast Facts

  • High performance
  • Customer favorite
  • Portable floor system that offers quick and efficient event changeovers
  • Comfort and resilience
  • Heavy duty design and construction for long lifespan and low life cycle costs
  • Custom graphic packages for attractive team logos and game lines

Height Options

  • 2 3/4" (with 25/32" flooring) / 69.9 mm (with 19.8 mm flooring)
  • 3 1/2" (with 25/32" flooring) / 88.9 mm (with 19.8 mm flooring)