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Centaur Products is the leading industry provider of a wide range of signature turf protection, event floor, and access road systems.

OmniDeck™ Heavy-Duty Turf Protection System

The fastest deploying and strongest stadium turf protection system available. Designed with revolutionary panels that interlock for omnidirectional configurations and lighting-fast installation and layouts. Featuring a closed bottom design ensuring even weight distribution and prevention of damage to the surface below. OmniDeck™ is structured to withstand heavy weight loads while protecting synthetic turf and natural grass (while allowing airflow and light). Built-in ergonomic handholds and visual locking indicators offer upgrades in safety and convenience.

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ArmorDeck® Natural & Synthetic Turf Protection

The most advanced natural and synthetic turf stadium floor covering system available, designed to handle heavy loads and provide the ultimate in stability and ground protection. Available in three distinct varieties to meet the specialized needs of every situation - ArmorDeck® 1 features aeration and drainage holes for natural grass or synthetic turf, ArmorDeck® 2 includes a smooth top surface option for synthetic turf, ArmorDeck® 3 is outfitted with a solid bottom panel for heavy-duty drivable application.

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UltraDeck Medium-Duty Tent Flooring & Turf Protection

Engineered to provide surface protection, decorative enhancement, and easy, fast, and safe pedestrian access for large-scale tents and special events. Featuring a simple clip connection system and expansion joints that prevent warping in the heat, UltraDeck is the perfect, affordable alternative to traditional costly built-up wooden floors, staging and decking.

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DuraDeck® Portable Access Mats & Temporary Flooring

Designed to create instant, portable, durable roadways for vehicles while protecting turf and lawns from equipment. Ideal for bringing trucks into an event site or transporting equipment over soft ground, DuraDeck® also provides a firm, dry support base for all types of tents or as a pedestrian walkway with surface traction to prevent slippage. Saves time and labour costs to increase efficiency while eliminating environmental cross-contamination problems associated with plywood sheets. Available in two varieties - DuraDeck® and DuraDeck® Lite.

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RoverDeck™ Fast, Rollout Temporary Roadway

The one-of-a-kind, lightweight, rolled plastic 10' x 65' access path system that can be deployed in under 60 seconds. With semi-translucent and non-conductive properties that work on soft, wet ground and protect turf, the RoverDeck™ has traction patterns that provide friction for pedestrian traffic. Easily cleaned and longer lasting than equivalent plywood mats.

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