Synthetic Turf Systems

The System Approach

What makes Polytan truly unique is their innovative "system" approach to artificial turf.

The "system" approach grew from the realization that high-caliber sports, particularly soccer, needed a viable alternative to natural grass that could not only produce genuinely comparable playing conditions to natural grass but also be able to sustain those characteristics over the long term life of the surface.

Polytan reasoned the best way to approach this challenge was to use detailed engineering techniques. After thoroughly evaluating all the factors affecting turf performance as well as incorporating sports physiology and biomechanical theories, Polytan developed the concept for a comprehensive artificial turf "system". All of the different components that went into the production and implementation of an artificial turf field were created to complement and enhance one another to create the safest, best performing and most durable fields in the world.

Fundamental to the success of Polytan’s engineered "system" approach to artificial turf is maintaining complete control over the manufacturing process. Every component of the turf system has been specifically engineered and tested to function within the specific turf system. Unlike many of their competitor’s, Polytan refuses to outsource critical elements of the manufacturing and installation process, nor do they combine disparate or prefabricated parts from other manufacturers (many of whom do not specialize in artificial turf production). They are without question the most vertically integrated company in the industry.

How The System Components Work

Poly-Shock Pad

The Poly-Shock Pad underlayment was developed to enhance player safety, provide optimal cushioning and create natural ball movement along the surface. It incorporates research and testing of bio-mechanical and sports physiological data to produce the optimal values for deformation, shock absorption and other athletic performance standards.

The Poly-Shock Pad is a seamless, rubberized material that is installed in-situ with Polytan’s specialized machinery. It also forms the basis for Polytan’s Anti-Compaction System (ACS) which ensures the that the infill granulate is kept loose and uniformly distributed over the surface.


  • Provides optimal deformation values and shock absorption and ensures uniform and consistent playing conditions all over the field
  • Provides the basis for the Anti-Compaction System which prevents infill materials from compacting
  • Provides cushioning for athletes maximizing player safety


Polytan’s PE Monofilament fibres are soft and pleasant on the skin as well as provide a look very similar to a well kept natural grass field. They incorporate Polytan’s proprietary polyethylene formula which produces the world’s thickest and strongest monofilament fibres. This is the basis for Polytan’s ‘spring-back’ technology which ensures the fibres spring back to the standing position to prevent injury and maintain performance levels.


  • Creates a natural feel and authentic ball reactions
  • Provides a look to the surface closely resembling natural grass
  • Soft fibres prevent player injuries
  • Polytan’s monofilament fibres contain ‘spring-back’ technology

Infill Granulate

Provides grip, traction, cushioning and helps to ensure natural reactions for ball movement and a natural feel for players on the surface. Polytan offers a range of different infill options to meet different client needs.


  • Provides grip and traction for players
  • Simulates playing conditions on natural grass turf
  • Has a soft pleasant feel against the skin enhancing player safety


Polytan’s latex backing provides superior turf bind and system stability. Fibres are fully locked into the backings and the backings have excellent resistance to moisture and temperature variation.

Silica Sand

Prior to the insertion of the infill granulate a base of silica sand is dispersed throughout the monofilaments to give them added stability as well provide a reservoir for moisture.


  • Provides weight and stability to the surface
  • Acts as a reservoir ensuring optimum drainage
  • Keeps turf fibres standing upright ensuring playing surface retains prime playing conditions over the long term