Synthetic Turf Systems

Poligras Platinum CoolPlus

The perfect stage for field hockey.

Precise, fast, and safe – the Poligras Platinum CoolPlus is enhanced for series production in a close development partnership with international field hockey players and coaches, and is setting new standards for field hockey.

The stitch density has been increased to create an even more compact appearance, while Polytan PreciTex texturing technology ensures optimum crimping. The result is a multi-directional closed surface that demonstrates unbeatable ball rolling behaviour.

The ultra-closed surface also provides a perfect platform for the turf's CoolPlus function, which cools the surface and reduces water consumption.

Experts and international professional associations alike are impressed by Polytan's tried-and-tested quality, and this resulted in Poligras Platinum CoolPlus being selected as the official pitch for hockey events at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Product Features & Specifications

  • Monofilament turf fibres with approx. 110 μm thickness
  • Exclusive Polytan CoolPlus function
  • Exclusive Polytan PreciTex texturing technology
  • Exclusive Polytan 100% PE formulation with Entanglement technology
  • MultiBack backing construction


  • Entanglement technology – high resistance against wear and soft filaments
  • Certifiable
  • RAL-tested
  • Texturing process
  • Resource conservation
  • Performance

Areas of Use

  • Professional field hockey facilities
  • Stadiums
  • Training facilities