Synthetic Turf Systems

Poligras Mega CoolPlus

The standard for field hockey pitches.

Poligras Mega CoolPlus is a fully synthetic turf system that meets all the requirements of a professional field hockey pitch, providing a dense and even surface that ensures ball rolling behaviour is not distorted by directional factors and allowing players to play a fast and accurate game.

The special texturing process preserves the system's exceptional volume and resilience, while the CoolPlus function ensures that the synthetic material does not heat up too quickly or excessively, even in strong sunlight and warm weather. This also reduces water consumption.

More than half of the clubs in the German Hockey Federation (DHB) rely on Poligras Mega CoolPlus as a testament to its quality, as it meets the universal requirements of the International Hockey Federation.

Product Features & Specifications

  • Monofilament turf fibres with approx. 100 μm thickness
  • Exclusive Polytan CoolPlus function
  • Exclusive Polytan 100% PE formulation
  • Exclusive Polytan texturing process
  • MultiBack backing construction


  • Certifiable
  • RAL-tested
  • Texturing process
  • Resource conservation
  • Professional
  • Performance

Areas of Use

  • Professional field hockey facilities
  • Stadiums
  • Hockey pitches
  • Multi-sport facilities