Synthetic Turf Systems

LigaTurf Ultimate CoolPlus

Ultimate look.

Ultimate feel.

Ultimate longevity.

LigaTurf Ultimate CoolPlus is the ultimate refinement of Polytan LigaTurf football turf, now being used successfully around the world for the ultimate kick.

Even better than its predecessor, Ultimate CoolPlus is a completely new development, featuring Polytan's innovative Entanglement technology and CoolPlus function to provide the ultimate feeling of playing on natural grass.

The triangular cross-section and thickness of approx. 250 μm ensure that the fibres are also exceedingly pleasant to the touch. LigaTurf Ultimate CoolPlus comes in a bicolour colour combination of lime and field green.

Product Features & Specifications

  • Monofilament turf fibres with approx. 250 μm fibre thickness
  • Exclusive Polytan CoolPlus function
  • Innovative Polytan Entanglement technology


  • Entanglement technology – high resistance against wear and soft filaments
  • 100% PE formulation
  • Certifiable
  • BiColour design
  • RAL-tested
  • Resource conservation
  • Performance

Areas of Use

  • Training facilities
  • Amateur and professional clubs
  • Sports colleges