Synthetic Turf Systems

LigaTurf RS+

Polytan's LigaTurf RS+ is a result of the ongoing product development at Polytan where a new structural composition in conjunction with new raw material selection have produced the world’s strongest monofilament fibre. This innovation in artificial turf is capable of producing a more natural ball roll for soccer, a softer feel when coming in contact with a player’s skin and an ability to continually 'spring-back' to the standing position so that the fibres do not become matted or damaged. These advancements, combined with Polytan’s complete ‘system’ philosophy enable the LigaTurf RS+ system to retain it’s playing characteristics year after year with very limited decline in performance and is why it is the choice of Professional venues throughout the world.


  • Natural ball behavior for soccer
  • Safe traction and rotation properties
  • Monofilaments very soft and pleasant on the skin
  • High wear and abrasion resistance
  • Easy Maintenacne
  • Environmentally friendly and eco safe
  • Meets FIFA 1-Star and 2-StarRecommended Status
  • IRB Certified


  • Monofilament turf fibers
  • 100% exclusive Polytan PE formulation
  • Fiber thickness of about 360 microns