Artificial Turf Systems


This system features Polytan's signature LigaGrass texturized fibre. While utilizing the same high-quality monofilament fibre material as the other Polytan products, LigaGrass fibres undergo a unique texturizing process which creates a texturized fibre design. Because of the unique shape, these monofilaments have the effect of locking into one another and preventing infill from being lost or displaced, even during rigorous activity such as tackling and kicking. By trapping the infill material in place and preventing infill 'fly-out' player safety is enhanced, maintenance demands are reduced and the surface is able to maintains its playing characteristics over the duration of its entire life.


  • Durable even with high volume use
  • Locks sand and infill in place which reduces maintenance
  • Quick and easy maintenance
  • FIFA 1-Star Recommended certifiied


  • Monofilament turf fibers
  • 100% exclusive Polytan PE formulation
  • Exclusive Polytan texturing
  • Fiber thickness of about 210 microns