Artificial Turf & Track

Synthetic Turf Systems

Centaur Products is the exclusive Canadian distributor of LigaTurf synthetic turf and track systems from Polytan, the worldwide leader in FIFA 2-star recommended turf fields.

The LigaTurf System Approach

Unlike other products, LigaTurf is a fully-engineered and comprehensive synthetic turf system. All of the components in LigaTurf fields are designed to enhance each other for the safest, best performing, and most durable fields in the world.

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LigaTurf Cross

The best of both worlds, combining smooth and textured filaments for an ideal football turf, with straight filaments ensuring professional quality look and feel, and textured filaments providing better infill stabilisation and greater turf volume.

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LigaTurf RS Pro II CoolPlus

The new elite product for professional football turf systems, featuring Innovative Entanglement technology, optimized cross sections, wide two-tone filaments, natural feel, intelligent yarn design, and exclusive material composition.

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LigaTurf RS+ CoolPlus

Often copied but never equalled, this is the world's leading product with FIFA Quality Pro certification, featuring rhombus-shaped turf fibres and Entanglement technology.

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LigaTurf Legend

The real powerhouse when it comes to performance, featuring entirely redeveloped multi-shape filament cross-sections, sport-specific performance and play properties, and high wear-protection.

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LigaTurf Ultimate CoolPlus

The result of ultimate refinement, with ultimate look, ultimate feel, and ultimate longevity, featuring triangular cross-section fibres, innovative Entanglement technology, and CoolPlus function.

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LigaGrass Pro CoolPlus

The new milestone that's totally redefining textured turf systems and setting a benchmark for function and performance, featuring PreciTex technology and functional filament cross-sections.

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Poligras Platinum CoolPlus

The precise, fast, and safe unfilled turf system that's setting new standards for field hockey, enhanced with increased stitch density and PreciTex texturing technology.

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Poligras Mega CoolPlus

The fully synthetic turf system that meets all of the requirements as the standard for professional field hockey pitches.

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