Artificial Turf Systems

Synthetic Turf Systems

The System Approach

Unlike other synthetic turf products available today, Polytan has developed a fully-engineered and comprehensive synthetic turf “system”. All of the different components go into the production and implementation of an artificial turf field have been created to complement and enhance one another to create the safest, best performing and most durable fields in the world…

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LigaTurf RS+

Polytan’s LigaTurf RS+ has no peer in the marketplace. It is the world’s top-performing synthetic turf system and ideal for Stadiums and the highest-levels of competition and training for football, soccer and rugby.

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LigaTurf RS PRO

LigaTurf RS Pro CoolPlus is the newest high-performance artificial turf system for professional soccer from Polytan|STI and yet another refinement of the LigaTurf RS+ system being used in stadiums and training grounds throughout the world.

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LigaGrass features distinctive texturized monofilaments fibres which enable this system to provide excellent durability/longevity while only requiring a minimum in maintenance. It is a great choice for fields that have heavy programming schedules, where owners are looking to keep maintenance costs to a minimum.

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