Running Track Systems

Tartan GOLD

The running track for setting records.

The Tartan GOLD is a high-performance surface for top-class international sport, combining a solid PU surface and shock-absorbing levelling layer to ensure excellent, structured durability, a waterproof surface, and good force-absorption properties.

With EPDM granules dispersed in the top layer, the Tartan GOLD is the ideal choice for running shoes with spikes. It offers extremely high acceleration performance, with energy-enhancing tread elasticity and high abrasion resistance.

The first Tartan running track in Europe was installed at Letzigrund stadium in Zürich, Switzerland in 1968, followed by its international professional debut at the 1968 Summer Olympic Games in Mexico City, Mexico, and was installed in Stuttgart, Germany in 1969.

This new surface set world records on the production line, and it has continued to be constantly refined over the past 50 years for superior quality and performance.

Product Features

  • Poured in-situ surface, multi-layer
  • Structured surface granules with visible tips interspersed
  • Waterproof surface
  • Certified according to IAAF requirements


  • Certifiable from World Sports Associations and international standards
  • RAL-tested – 100% quality control by neutral testing institute
  • Professional – suitable for competitive sports
  • Resource conservation – careful use of resources
  • Spike-tested – suitable for running shoes with spikes

Areas of Use

  • Athletics stadiums
  • Competitive running tracks
  • Training facilities