Running Track Systems

Spurtan WS

The all-around multi-purpose solution for competition and training facilities.

The resilient, synthetic Spurtan WS surface system is the cost-effective all-around multi-purpose solution that meets the highest requirements for durability and athletic performance, primarily used for running tracks, run-up tracks, and athletic facilities.

Spurtan WS is the only sports surface with a structured and water-permeable top layer, making it the ideal solution for facilities where local conditions or other circumstances prevent the construction of a waterproof surface.

It features a spike-resistant texture, excellent traction, shock-absorption, and deformation properties, with a fast, easy installation process.

Spray coat finish is available in various color options.

Product Features

  • Structural spray-coated surface
  • Rubber granules, elastomer, spray-coated
  • Structured surface granules interspersed with visible tips
  • Water-permeable surface
  • IAAF certification ensures suitability for competitions
  • Cost-effective all-around solution
  • Quick and easy installation


  • Certifiable from World Sports Associations and international standards
  • RAL-tested – 100% quality control by neutral testing institute
  • Professional – suitable for competitive sports
  • Multi-functional – suitable for school sports and ball sports
  • Resource conservation – careful use of resources
  • Spike-tested – suitable for running shoes with spikes

Areas of Use

  • Athletics stadiums
  • Competitive running tracks
  • School sports facilities
  • Multi-purpose facilities
  • Training facilities