Running Track Systems

Rekortan M

The professional choice among sports surfaces.

As a full, authentic, three-layer professional sports surface system laid in situ on a prepared asphalt base, the Rekortan M is recognized worldwide as the ideal competition surface for athletics stadiums, competitive running tracks, and school sports facilities.

With a flexible and resilient homogenous surface to reduce impact noise, increase shock absorption ability, and ensure user comfort for a uniform foot feel, the Rekortan M is composed of ultra-violet light-resistant and aging-resistant materials to maximize longevity and minimize maintenance, even under extreme climate and temperature conditions.

The Rekortan M offers exceptional acceleration performance and enhanced tread elasticity, with an EDPM granular textured finish acting as a slip-resistant surface to quickly and efficiently dissipates surface water, allowing athletes to perform to their highest levels in wet and inclement weather conditions.

It meets International Association of Athletics Federations certifications, specifications, and product approval requirements, and is formulated to be biomechanically user-friendly, directly promoting high athletic performance standards while reducing the risk of injury. It also complies with strict emissions limits for interior spaces, making it ideal for athletic halls.

In May 2016, several best times for the year were achieved with the Rekortan M at the Diamond League competition in the Prince Moulay Abdellah Stadium in Rabat, Morocco – the first African location to host the prestigious athletics event.

Product Features

  • Poured in-situ surface
  • Structured granules interspersed with visible tips
  • Waterproof surface
  • IAAF certification ensures suitability for competitions
  • Excellent value when it comes to sports medicine
  • Preferred surface for elite athletes


  • Certifiable from World Sports Associations and international standards
  • RAL-tested – 100% quality control by neutral testing institute
  • Professional – suitable for competitive sports
  • Multi-functional – suitable for school sports and ball sports
  • Resource conservation – careful use of resources
  • Spike-tested – suitable for running shoes with spikes

Areas of Use

  • Athletics stadiums
  • Competitive running tracks
  • School sports facilities
  • Training facilities
  • Multi-purpose facilities