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Rec-Turf II

Rec-Turf II Diagram

Description – The REC-TURF II Portable Turf System is combines the same polypropylene and nylon fibers surface as Rec-Turf I but comes manufactured with a built-in resilient shock pad backing layer.

Seams – The removable Velcro® Brand Fasteners seaming tape is color matched with the turf and available in 4” wide material. The Velcro® Brand Fasteners encapsulates the seam and allows for an efficient conversion time.

Game Lines – The Velcro® Brand Fasteners game lines are easily fastened to the turf and available in a wide range of colors. They can quickly be reconfigured for a change of game or activity.

Portable – REC-TURF II is manufactured in maximum roll lengths of 4 m (13.1 ft) x 30 m (100 ft), weighing approximately 362 kg (800 lbs). The lightweight construction of our durable product allows for versatility and ease of handling by the owner.