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Indoor Portable Turf Systems

Nexxfield X-Gen E2 Pro

The best indoor modular synthetic turf system for professionals.

As the most innovative concept on the synthetic turf market, the Nexxfield X-Gen E2 Pro is a completely portable synthetic turf system that comes in easy-to-attach Velcro®-connected 4' x 7.5' modular panels with a built-in shock pad.

Unlike conventional synthetic turf systems that rely on infill, the Nexxfield X-Gen E2 Pro uses a secondary turf thatch layer in combination with its built-in Nexxpad shock layer to provide cushioning and support for excelled, professional-level playing characteristics.

This major innovation, along with the lightweight materials used, allows for easier transportation and installation, as well as more flexibility for converting the playing area into usable space for special events. A crew can install an entire field in about 12 hours.

The panel system is also efficient for drainage, ensuring that the surface remains playable in any weather.

With its superior design, the Nexxfield X-Gen E2 Pro portable turf system is the perfect solution for arenas and indoor facilities accommodating professional high-performance field sports. The same panels can be used both indoors and outdoors, providing even more adaptability and potential cost savings.

Product Features

  • Hook and loop fastener system
  • Closed-cell shock pad technology
  • Guaranteed 500 cycles minimum
  • Among highest face weighted multi-purpose surfaces available
  • Great for cleated soles
  • Meets ASTM International standards
  • Class 1 fire rating for indoor facility
  • Great for outdoor use
  • Constructed without volatile organic compounds or heavy metal substances

Pile Height

  • 1 3/8" / 34.93 mm

Areas of Use

  • Arenas
  • Soccer stadiums
  • Multi-purpose facilities
  • Football fields
  • Sports venues