Crossfit Turf

Indoor Portable Turf Systems

Nexxfield X-Gen E2 Fit

The turf system that's fit for fitness.

The Nexxfield X-Gen E2 Fit portable turf system builds on innovation with a design specifically tailored to usage in fitness studios and crossfit gyms.

The Nexxfield X-Gen E2 Fit is equipped with ready-to-assemble Velcro®-connected modular panels that fit together with overlapping fastener linings, allowing for easy set-up and storage (thought it can also be left in place permanently for convenient repeated use) and includes a built-in shock pad.

This modular design provide much more maintenance flexibility than carpet-like surfaces. Panels can easily be rotated annually or semi-annually to ensure a regular wear rate across the field. If part of the surface becomes damaged for any reason, an individual panel can simply be removed, repaired, and replaced.

With its durability ensuring easy handling of sleds, free weights, and other fitness equipment, the Nexxfield X-Gen E2 Fit is the perfect turf solution for fitness studios and crossfit gyms.

Product Features

  • Hook and loop fastener system
  • Guaranteed 500 cycles minimum
  • Can be combined with closed-cell shock pad
  • Meets ASTM International standards
  • Class 1 fire rating for indoor facility
  • Constructed without volatile organic compounds or heavy metal substances
  • Can be used outside

Pile Height

  • 5/8" / 15.88 mm

Areas of Use

  • Fitness studios
  • Crossfit gyms
  • Multi-purpose facilities