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GreenCourt Portable Soccer System     

Creating sports spaces anywhere.

GreenCourt is the fully portable soccer system that includes artificial turf, soccer boards, goals posts, and netting. Designed to transform existing public spaces into enclosed soccer pitches, GreenCourt can be set up for temporary events in parking lots, plazas, and parks (then easily relocated), or used as permanent fixtures for mini-pitch soccer and small-sided skill soccer games.

GreenCourt Portable Soccer System

Already a concept proven popular in Europe, where local community partners host tournaments in return for sponsorship opportunities, GreenCourt is an innovative development that Centaur Products is excited to introduce to the Canadian market, thereby providing a feasible, economic solution to communities struggling to meet the demand for sports fields.

GreenCourt is available in two sizes 30 m x 15 m and 20 m x 13 m ideal for 5v5 or 3v3 play. The system uses a welded aluminum frame complete with soccer goals, dasher boards, exterior protective netting, and most commonly includes a portable synthetic turf surface, but can also be set up on existing grass fields.

Advertisements can be added along the dasher boards or on the turf surface itself to promote sponsors, and can be easily changed for different events, ensuring many corporate partnership, revenue generating, and cost sharing options.

Though soccer is the primary focus, the GreenCourt can also be used to accommodate a variety of sports, and the enclosed area provides a pleasant space for other recreational activities, such as yoga and aerobics.

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