About Us


Environmental Policy

Centaur Products Inc. is committed to high standards of environmental protection and whenever possible makes decisions that minimally impact the environment. Using this philosophy, we take this into consideration by responsibly sourcing materials, reducing waste, incorporating recycled materials, and providing green building solutions to our customers and communities.

What is Green Building and Design?

According to the USGBC (Green Builders Association) the design and construction practices that significantly reduce or eliminate the negative impact of buildings on the environment and occupants that address:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Conservation of materials and resources
  • Indoor environmental quality

LEED Accreditation - please ask our qualified sales people for information that pertains specifically to your project.

How Does Centaur Help?

  • Sustainable site planning and aiding in the selection of supplies sourced from manufacturers that maximize the use of raw materials.
  • Cost savings: increasing the operating efficiency of athletic facilities by supplying products that require less maintenance, less power or that aid with the process.
  • Long-term use: providing high quality products that will stand up to the daily wear and tear experienced in athletic facilities.
  • Reducing transportation costs on the environment: sourcing materials locally when possible.

Products that Centaur provides for Green building:

Hardwood Maple Flooring System

  • FSC Certified flooring certified by Smartwood™.
  • XL450 1/2" strip maple flooring. XL450 greatly increases the amount of flooring which can be derived from a unit of lumber, minimizing waste.
  • Zero/G Shockpad is manufactured from 100% post-industrial waste. Zero/G contains no mercury, asbestos, lead or heavy metals
  • Use of formaldehyde-free plywood sub-floors

Pulastic Synthetic Flooring

  • Water-base top coats, with reduced VOC levels.
  • Pulastic resins are produced is certified as meeting the ISO 14001 standard.
  • Pulastic systems incorporate recycled materials in the construction of the sub base.

Rubber Flooring

  • Comprised of shredded and cleaned SBR tire rubber which is 100% post-consumer waste.
  • Recycled content is defined in accordance with ISO 14021 standards.

LED Scoreboards and Message Displays: increase energy efficiency with smart, power saving LED technology.

High Volume – Low Revolution Fans: increase heating and cooling system efficiency.