About Us

Our Services

Centaur’s history and experience allow us to provide our customers with the tools required for the construction of outstanding athletic facilities. We are readily available to assist or lead your upcoming project from the development and consultation phases through to the final installation. We have the people and know-how to get the job done right the first time.


  • Consultation on product selection (allowing you to understand the necessary requirements of your user groups).
  • Shop drawing & games line layout production
  • Project & construction management
  • Installation & work safe programs to ensure safe job sites

Local Service Technicians

Centaur employs a team of full-time, local, installation technicians and product specialists. If you experience any problems, product defects, require additional training or need updated maintenance information, just contact your local Centaur representative and your problem will be dealt with promptly and with the utmost in care. Centaur has regional offices located right across Canada which house full-time, professional installation technicians as well as a host of other sport contracting experts who are always available to handle your questions and concerns. We employ this approach because if a problem emerges and requires an installation technician to be on-site to perform repairs or maintenance, they are able to do so quickly and efficiently. Also, we try to maintain replacements parts for many of our product lines so that if new parts are required, turnaround times are kept to an absolute minimum. Our customers are continually impressed with Centaur’s promptness in responding to service-related issues.