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What Makes Centaur Different

The construction of high-performance sport surfaces and sport equipment is a highly specialized and complex undertaking. It requires, not only a specialized understanding of construction principles, but also in-depth knowledge of key athletic performance and safety requirements. Even small variations in product selection and installation techniques can lead to dramatically varied results when it comes to the performance of your sport facilities both from a spectator and athlete perspective. If minor details are overlooked during the planning, design and construction of the products then they can become victim to premature degradation, unsafe and unpredictable playing conditions and potentially incapable of facilitating high-level competition or training.

What makes Centaur truly unique is our ability to assist our clients through every stage of their project. By developing a comprehensive familiarity and involvement with a project Centaur can provide numerous cost and time savings by ensuring seamless coordination of project tasks, enabling the creation of efficient and direct lines of communication and leveraging expertise developed from collaboration between specialists. Our clients enjoy working with us because no other company can match the level of accountability and trust that we can provide for their project.

Employing the services of Centaur ensures that tasks are carried out in the most efficient way and that any potential problems will be recognized and addressed immediately, long before they can become larger, more costly problems further down the line.

Regardless of the size or scope of the project we maintain the same philosophy throughout, which is a dedication to providing quality workmanship, a willingness to communicate and share our extensive industry expertise and above all else, an unrelenting commitment to providing the most attentive, understanding and accommodating client service possible.

Centaur is Canada’s most experienced sports construction management company and with our depth of experience you can rest assured that all stages of your project will be conducted by experienced and knowledgeable professionals.